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Life Coach In San Antonio - Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

As we move into February, let me ask how are the New Year’s resolutions you made coming along? According to Forbes, nearly 80% of people have already given up. As a life coach in San Antonio let me share some tips to help you avoid these statistics and if you have given up getting you back on track.

First let me share why I believe most people do not obtain their New Year’s resolution, just a fancy word for goals. In Brian Tracey book Goals! How to get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible is,

“Success is goals, all else is commentary.”

What this means is that you can have a lot of things going on, things that kept you bogged down in January from kids to work and without a clear vision for your New Year’s resolution you’re going to get stuck on the cometary.

While you may have written down your 2022 goals did you put mechanisms in place to hold yourself accountable? In order to achieve goals, you must gain momentum and start to accelerate in the directing you want to go. Without these mechanism in place you’re like a sailboat out at sea where there is no wind, you just sit their stagnant.

One of the reasons many people seek out a life coach in San Antonio is to help prevent them from slowing down their progress, they have someone who holds them accountable and helps them to realize when they have lost site of their goal and where they want to go so, they can reach the finish line in a specific amount of time.

Goal Framework By Life Coach in San Antonio

The goal framework that works great for many of my life coach clients in San Antonio that I encourage you to embrace is to write down your goals with a plan. As well as longer term goals, you need to have short term goals that are more tangible and easier to wrap your head around. You should have

  • Monthly goas

  • Quarterly goals

  • One-year goals

Write out what you are going to get done on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Then most importantly, you should make sure you have a stopping point so that at the end of the month, you pause to reflect and the same with quarterly, every three months you are going to stop and reflect and at the end of the year, you’re going to stop and reflect.

This is a gamechanger for setting and achieving your New Year’s resolution. When you just wrote them down without reflecting than they just sit their and then next year you look up and nothing has changed. As a dear friend of mine says “Nothing changes if nothing changes!”

Once you have reached those monthly and quarterly goals you should celebrate. Take your spouse to a nice dinner, treat yourself to a spa day or a round of golf. If you do not reach those goals then reflect on what you did wrong, what you could have done differently, or what actions you may have failed at. Now I want you to create a consequence for not meeting this goal. This can be that you have to work one hour more each day, or you cannot go out to dinner until ____(fill in the blank)

Having this mechanism in place is what prevents you from being in the 80percentile of people who do not accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. In order to win you need a clear path that’s built to win.

New Year’s Resolution Exercise

If I were your life coach in San Antonio here is one of the assignments, I would ask you to do.

Take out a sheet of paper and write down your New Year’s resolution, this is going to be your annual goal for 2022. Now I want you to create a monthly goal and quarterly goal. I want you to decide what will be your reward and repercussion for success of failure. With this list I want you to post it where you see it every day.

If you still find yourself veering off path, then maybe it’s time to consider hiring a life coach in San Antonio who can hold you accountable.

Interested in Working With A Life Coach in San Antonio?

Paula Trotter is a certified life coach and the founder of Healthy Living Life coaching. She offers 1:1 life coaching in San Antonio and Houston and specializes in goal setting, stress managements, self-confidence, and recovery. Schedule your first coaching session for free by visiting her online.

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