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The Little Book Of Self Care Is Yours For Free!

Let me tell you why I am making this offer and why I want you to have the latest copy of my book


Over the years as a life coach, I have had the opportunity to work with dozens of men and women to teach them how to practice these simple tips that create massive action. It’s a little book of self-care but quiet amazing how little things matters.


In a world where people work long hours even passing up on family vacation, there is an underlying belief that we must always be productive, so we remove self-care from our lives. We risk our health, happiness, and hobbies. Burning the candle at both end, comes with a high price tag that includes anxiety, depression, anger, and burnout. By taking this little book of self-care and applying it you will start seeing instant results. My goal is to change 500 people life this year by giving you a new you by offering this little book on self-care.

What The Little Book Of Self Care Contains

  • Now is the time for a new you

  • Things that affect your mental health

  • The physical effects of mental health and the reason everyone needs self-care

  • The Basics of Self Care

  • 365 Ways to Self-care

  • Volunteering Ideas

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Things to do to create a better life

  • Feel Better Affirmation

  • Things That Will stop you from practicing self-care

  • Things To Remember

  • Things that don’t make you any less of a person

  • Mental Health Worksheet

  • Self-Care personal assessment worksheet

  • 25 healthy ways to say no

  • Questions to ask yourself when you need to feel better

  • Healthy eating habits

  • My personal self-care lists

Reviews For Our Little Self Care Book “365 ways to self-care”

Very nicely done, well written and informative. This should be on everybody's list to read. The new year starts soon and that's when you will want to start using it.

Great way to start the new year, look forward to my Jan 1st start with this guide!

This book was worth reading just for the chapter of 25 ways to say no. Why is that word so hard to use!

It is mainly a set of lists of things to do, which is really useful for people who need to find new ways to unwind without slipping into unhealthy habits.

I would recommend this to people who are going through positive life changes as a resource to help you to find your true self.

After reading the title 365 ways to self-care: A year to A New You, I thought it lists 365 ways to self-care, and exactly it does the same thing. This book is simple, easily understandable, gives us new ideas to try new things, and makes us do things that we have been procrastinating because of our busy lives.


This book can be used as a daily checklist for one thing to do for ourselves daily. Informative, helps us remember the areas of life we want to focus on by providing self-care short-cut worksheets and lists why everyone needs self-care. Finally, I really liked the book and would definitely recommend it to my friend

Meet The Woman Behind This Little Book Of Self Care

Paula Trotter

<img src="life coach.png" alt="life coach and author Paula Trotter">

Hello, my name is Paula Trotter, and I love helping women and men reclaim their life by learning how to change their life by choosing self-care. I am a certified Health and Life coach living in Houston who works with clients in Boulder Colorado, Utah, San Diego, San Antonio, and across the United States. Its an honor to share this little book of self-care with you.

When you receive this book, you will be emailed an excited free gift, so fill out the button below and let’s make  this year  the new you.

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