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Result Driven Life Coach In Utah

How would it feel if you could stop your pain from….?


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic Stress

  • Substance Abuse

  • Low Self Esteem


What If I Told You In Just 12 Weeks It's Very Possible!

Dear Friend,


Hello, I am Paula Trotter a life coach serving Utah NOT a fairy Godmother with a magical wand to make everything instantly better. You and I have NO CONTROL over people, places, or thing but what I’ve discovered that lead me to be a life coach serving Utah is how to have 100% control over our perceptions, thoughts, and reactions. To accept life on life’s terms! 

Listen, every person on the planet will face situations in life where they feel stuck and need a little help from time to time. Life can be messy, difficult, downright hard. Sometimes we lose our voice, ourselves, our passion and need to reimagine, rediscover who we are and what we want.


Maybe we’re embarking on a new path we haven’t traveled like getting a divorce, becoming an empty nester, kicking a habit, or changing career paths. These are just some of the things a life coach in Utah can help pull you through with less pain and more peace, joy, and continent.


If your trying to figure out how to get from point A (where you are right now) to point B (where you can relax, have peace and joy) lets chat!



Top Ten Reasons To Hire A Life Coach In Utah

# 1 Limited Beliefs Are Keeping You On A Vicious cycle

# 2 Anxiety and Stress Are Something You Know All To Well

# 3 You Don’t Have A Path To Move Forward From Hurts and Habits

# 4 You Keep Setting The Same Goals 

#5  You Want More In Life- Like More Passion, Joy, Peace

# 6 You Have No Work-Life Balance

# 7  You Wonder Where Your Passion For Life Has Gone

# 8 Your Family or Friends Don't Support Your Goals

# 9 You Get Sidetracked Short Of Success

# 10 You Feel Hopeless To Change

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Three Secrets Other Life Coaches In Utah Won’t Tell You




Secret # 1 A Life Coach Can’t JUST Fix Your Life


Most people come to a life coach in Utah to fix their LIFE- but people are more complex than this. Your health, relationship, work, and current life issues that have led you to a life coach are intertwined.

There are four pillars in life:

  • Life

  • Mind

  • Social

  • Body


We can’t work on one area alone; we must work on every pillar in order to maximize results. We have to peel back the onion to discover why you have the habits or hang-ups that are causing the hurts. If you’re a workaholic, why? We can tell you just slow down and work less but you already know that. Instead, we pinpoint the issue behind the issue that has caused you to be a workaholic. Here’s where it gets sticky, most people don’t want to expose that pinpointed area and they stop 5 minutes before their miracle. Most life coaches in Utah won’t tell you this but there is NOTHING we can fix if you won’t do the work, this is a partnership I am only able to help you as much as you will allow me to.

Secret # 2 A Life Coach In Utah Isn’t A Guru or Therapist

As a life coach in Utah, I am here to serve as your guide not as a guru.

 Merriam-Webster defines “guru” as “a personal religious teacher and spiritual guide in Hinduism,” “a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern,” “one who is an acknowledged leader or chief proponent,” or “a person with knowledge or expertise.”

Now have you ever taken a trip and a tour guide showed you all the sites you had been missing?

This is what I do. My teaching isn’t based on religion but cutting-edge research in psychology, wisdom, generative trace work, and science. My job is not to give you all the answers because I am not God, I

don’t see and know all nor will I manipulate you into thinking I do. Instead, I help you to reconnect within the higher power of your choosing and to get reconnected with the woman or man in the mirror.


Furthermore, as a life coach in Utah we don’t work on past trauma and issues; we can’t change the past. Let me ask what would happen if you got inside your car and drove Moki Dugway looking in the rear-view mirror? The truth is you couldn't make it a mile down a normal road without wrecking. Focusing on the past leaves you stuck in the past and that causes depression and anxiety. Instead of white knuckling the steering wheel we accept the past and work one on one focusing on the present.  


Secret # 3 Most Life Coaches Don’t Work

The biggest secret most life coaches in Utah hope you never discover is they fail to deliver results because their untrained and lack experience. Their heart is to help other people, but they end up falling short because they try to help everyone.


Reduce stress- sure.


Crete a happy life and family? No problem


Self-Loathing? You better see a psychologist but if you have already paid me, I will slay that dragon too.

You can do, become, and have — ANYTHING.


If you work with a life coach in Utah, of course.

Anything is possible if you just fill out some questionnaires, watch my generic videos tapes all while eating popcorn - This isn't binge watching episodes of Yellowstone this is YOUR LIFE!


Did I tell you they require you to pay a hefty sum of money to report progress?


Why does life coaching in Utah fail to deliver tangible results? There are two reasons.

#1: People are different

# 2: People are different.

 Spoiler Alert: You can’t have everything you want in life just because you work harder than everyone else. Life is more complex despite what society, greed, or your life coach tells you.

Realist Check: Working harder, longer, and more only leads to burn out. Instead, I take a different approach to life coaching in Utah. I teach you to break the habits, patterns, and cognitive loop that got you on the vicious cycle of insanity. Next, we peel back the layers of the onion to discover “What should I really be focusing on?”  Chances are if you have reached your breaking point and so stressed your hair is turning fifty shades of grey you aren’t working on those things.

The second issue is most life coaches in Utah take a cookie cutter program produce it on videos and offer you half-baked solution. STOP THE MADDNESS! These videos don’t solve anything!


Here’s what does:


Problem Solving

Self-Discipline & Routine

Creativity & Mindfulness

Validation & Self Love



In Fact, I believe so Much In My Program that

The Only Life Coach In Utah With A Money Back GUARANTEE!

I am so confident in my Life Coaching system that I am the only life coach in Utah to offer an Iron Clad, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you do all the work and are as committed as I am to your success and are unsatisfied with the results after 4 weeks of our 12-week system I will return every red cent!

Why am I offering such a CRAZY offer?


I want there to be no reservation or hesitation that you can succeed in life. I am convinced of your potential, listen I have faced things that are unspeakable not to mention divorce, cancer, loss of a parent, and the list goes on. Life coaching changed my life, and it can change yours no matter what your past looks like, or what you have convinced yourself. I just need for you to believe its really possible to live the life you want!


In Fact, let me give you an opportunity right now to experience it for yourself.


Let’s get on a call, bring me one of your most pressing issues and I will solve it for free at no cost, without any risk or obligation so you can see if I am the right life coach in Utah for you to work with!

In order to do this, we need to schedule a Free discovery session, this call is 30 minutes so clear your schedule and show up! It’s not a sales call, you will receive a solution- this is why I call it a Discovery Session! If I am the right life coach in Utah for you then we proceed, if I am not, you leave the call with one less problem to worry about. Sound good? Click the button below and let’s chat!

I am a life coach that serves Utah residents by phone or Zoom, at this time I am not available for in person sessions. The good news is we can work together wherever you are including the following cities: Salt Lake city, Park City, Ogden. St George, Provo, Moab, Logan, Cedar Creek, Orem, or whether you need to travel for work or pleasure. Hey even COVID has to have an upside!

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