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Enthusiastic Life Coach Boulder Colorado

The Best Views Come From The Hardest Climbs

Every day gives you a mountain to climb and for many of us starting the journey is the hardest part. As a life coach serving Boulder Colorado my role is to help you face the low slopes that seem hopeless and those goals and dreams that feel like the summit, so far away. While the mountains may look too hard and for some of you even terrifying if we let our minds and discomfort keep us from making the climb, we will stop short of the miraculous view. Let me be your guide and help you embrace just 12 weeks of low-level hard work so you can get the rewards from rising to the top!


Dear Friend,

Hello, I am Paul Trotter a life coach serving Boulder Colorado and have helped men and women climb some pretty low slopes in life like divorce, grief, becoming an empty nester, changing career paths, and struggling through hurts, habits, and hang-ups ranging from chronic stress to drug and alcohol abuse. Just to let you know who I am and what lead me to become a life coach, I have faced cancer, divorce, grief over the loss of my parents, and some pretty horrific things that Id rather tell you in private. The point is after going through tragedies to life a triumphant life I wanted to help others, But to be completely transparent working with a life coach in Boulder Colorado won’t change the mud life clings your way.

I can snap my fingers and offer you a stress-free or worry-free life. What I can do as your life coach in Boulder Colorado is I can work with you to change your perception, the tools you cope with life and replace them with new tools so you can do life on life's terms.

If you are trying to figure out how to get from the peak to the top where you can relax, have freedom, and joy then take the first step and click the button below to schedule your free coaching in action session, there is no obligation. I won’t try to pressure you into buying something. I will simply solve one of your most pressing issues and if you would like we move forward. If not, then you leave the call with one less problem then what you started with, and I will wish you well on your journey.


All my best for your best,

Paula Trotter

Certified Life Coach in Boulder Colorado

Benefits To Working With A Life Coach In Boulder Colorado

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  • A life coach will help you find a clearer path to move forward from the muck of life,

  • I will help you to set goals and accomplish them quicker

  • A life coach helps you restore inner peace and joy.

  • I will help you cope with the things that have left you irritable, discontent, or restless.

  •  A life coach helps you to deal with current life changes peacefully.

  • A life coach helps you to kick bad habits and teaches you to replace them with healthy ones

  • I help you solve problems and brainstorm as we remove the fog and cloudy judgment in your mind.

  • A life coach gives you a safe place, free of judgment to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

  • Acts as an unbiased partner and sounding board. I hear and see you!

  • Coaching help you take back control of your life and design the extraordinary life you want.

Our 12 Week Life Coach Journey For Boulder Colorado Residents Starts With You!

The way life coaching works is we look at you, the entire person including your life, mind, body, and spirit. We can’t just fix one part of your life and leave the rest because as humans we are woven together. When one area of your life suffers such as relationships soon it impacts your work and then your health. However, I am not a counselor or therapist who focuses on the past. Focusing on the past leaves us stuck there.

In order for you to benefit the most out of life coaching you must invest 100%. Anything less and your results will be subpar. If you refuse to deal with the truth, leave out triggers that cause anger, resentments, unforgiveness, shame and guilt and will not do the homework I nor any other life coach in Boulder Colorado can help you! This is a partnership, where we each must give 100%!

The clients that benefit most from my program set aside what you think and stay open to the process and where it may take them. An example you may feel X is holding you back from achieving your goals only to discover that wasn’t it at all, there was something that goes deeper that what appears at surface level. You may assume that a life coach in Bolder Colorado will lead you this way and instead we jump paths entirely.


My goal is to lead you where you are meant to be, not where I am, not where I think you should be, and not where another client is- everything is based on YOU and the life you are meant to live, a life of passion and purpose, which often leads to profit as well!

The Only Life Coach In Utah With A Money Back GUARANTEE!

I am so confident in my Life Coaching system that I am the only life coach in Boulder Colorado to offer my clients a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you do all the work, actively participate  and are as committed as I am to your success then I will give you my personal guarantee that if you are unsatisfied with the results after 30 days of our 90 day program weeks I will return every red cent!

Why am I offering such a CRAZY offer?


I want there to be no reservation or hesitation that you can succeed in life. I am the first person to tell you that their are life coaches in Boulder Colorado and across the U.S. that use unscrupulous and deceitful tactics to cheat trusting people but with the right life coach in your corner 12 weeks from now you can be on your journey towards a happy, more fulfilled life. I want that for you and I hope you want that for yourself!


In Fact, let me give you an opportunity right now to experience it for yourself.


 If you think you can benefit from what life coaching has to offer, then I want to offer you a free gift. Bring me one of your most pressing issues and I will solve it at no cost to you so you can experience coaching in action. There is no risk, pressure, or obligation to become a client. This is simply the chance to see if I am the right life coach in Utah for you to work with! If I am the right fit, then we can proceed if you want and if not then

you leave the call with one less problem to worry about. Sound good? Click the button below and let’s chat!

Free Discovery Session



What Paula Clients Say About Working With A Life Coach In Boulder Colorado


Paula always listened during our weekly sessions while providing appropriate responses that encouraged me to find my own conclusion to any question or issue. Her strength is that she teaches you to use the tools and doesn't spoon feed! That is a difficult task for many people to master. She is a "natural".  ~AB


Over the twelve-week course, I experienced many "aaha" and take-away moments that I never considered previously. Paula has an amazing ability to empathize while providing the necessary tools and encouragement which allows her clients to seek their own way. ~ Alice 

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As I navigate new milestones in my life, Paula has been invaluable as my sounding board and cheerleader. She is someone I can share my values, worries, and aspirations with, and in turn, feel motivated and inspired to forge a path that is meaningful and purposeful to me. Thoughtful in her feedback and a great listener, ” Melissa

I am a life coach that serves residents in Boulder Colorado and the greater Denver area by Zoom and phone, we meet once a week for 12 weeks and in addition to our scheduled time you also receive unlimited access to me via email. We do not offer video or in person training at this time. The good news is we can work together wherever you are even if you work over the road or are away on vacation but with the Rocky Mountain, Eldorado Canyon State Park, and the Flatirons why would you need to go anywhere else.

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