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Personable Life Coach  San Diego

Dear Life Changer,


Hello, I am Paul Trotter a life coach serving San Diego, I am not sure what has transpired in your life that has led you to seek out a life coach San Diego, but if you’re looking for change then you have come to the right place.

Most of my clients have sought out a life coach San Diego as they change from one season of their life to the next, I know this can be freighting as I have been there. I have faced cancer, divorce, loss or as I often tell my clients “I have been in the belly of the beast and know how to survive and escape situation.” Trust me, you can not only survive unscathed, but you can go onto live a life that is better than you can either fathom. I know it may not seem like it but rewind the hands of time and I wouldn’t have considered myself even capable of changing my own life much less the dozens of men and women whom I have been fortunate to coach. What I have been able to accomplish in a recently short span of time has given me valuable perspective, experience, and evidence that if I can change its possible for anyone.

But this isn’t about me this is about you

  • Has life robbed you of your self-confidence and you want it back?

  • Are you stuck in a relationship or career that’s going nowhere?

  • Is it time to fulfill your goals and dreams but you’re not quite sure how?  

  • Are you stressed to the point your hair is turning fifty shades of grey?

  • Are you craving a sounding board and a no judgment zone where you can process your thoughts and feelings?

  • Are you searching for a way to kick habits, hurts, and hang-ups?


If you can resonate with any of these things, then let me offer you an opportunity to experience life coaching in action absolutely FREE without any obligation. This is not a sales call but a solution call. Simply click the blue button below, we will schedule a brief 30-minute call and I will resolve one of your current problems at no cost. If you decide to move forward and hire me as a life coach in San Diego, great! If not then we will have shared a few laughs, maybe even a few tears and you will be better off than before you called because you will have one less problems to worry with. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

All my best for your best,

Paula Trotter

Certified Life Coach in San Diego

What Some Of Our Life Coaching Clients San Diego Say…


Gregg Towsley : Professionalism

Paula is amazing. She is professional and has strong communication skills. It seems that Paula has big heart, lots of life experiences, and caring listening skills. She has taken the time to ask deep questions to understand my situation and after understanding the situation has provided guidance to the next steps in my life. I am not sure if Paula will help me reach my dream, although, I know that she is putting me on the right path. Thank you


Mandy Moore

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I loved this experience with Ms. Paula, she was patient and understanding. She worked with me on a schedule as my work/home life was pretty hectic. My life is much better now, mentally, and physically. She gave me tools to use and ways to see things from a different perspective that I wouldn’t have found on my own. I’m so very thankful for her and all she does!

Jim Smith

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality


Working with Paula exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her to everyone. 

woman happy after life coaching_edited_edited.jpg

As I navigate new milestones in my life, Paula has been invaluable as my life coach, she has been both a sounding board and cheerleader. She is someone I can share my values, worries, and aspirations with, and in turn, feel motivated and inspired to forge a path that is meaningful and purposeful to me. Thoughtful in her feedback and a great listener.

Melissa Woodward

  • 99.8% of my clients finished our 12-week program with more clarity on how to move ahead.  

  • 96% of my clients said they had a deeper awareness of how to master their mind and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

  • 99% Less Stress: For those who were chronically stressed they said the tools they were given helped them to eliminate stress and discover the underling issue as to what was causing their stress.

  • 100% said they would recommend Paula as a life coach in San Diego

Here Is My Promise To You

I’ve heard many stories from clients who have worked with a previous life coach in San Diego or purchased videos and classes online only to be sorely disappointed. I’ll be the first to admit, when it comes to life coaches a lot of promises are made and then broken. Dozen of trusting people who have jumped through all the hoops and checked all the boxes only to get no tangible results. Additional coaching services are then sold with no additional benefit and on and on. I know how this makes me feel when I make a bad investment. I’m frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, as a life coach in San Diego

I offer you my very own personal guarantee!

  1.  When we meet, I am 100% focused and dedicated to your results, not what I want for you or what I offer another one of my clients. I will take the time to make sure I hear you and see you.

  2. I will be honest with you about your potential and give you feedback not just a listening hear. If I cant help you I will let you know this as well. I won’t waste your time or money. I am client focused not sales centered.

  3. I won’t try to sale you anything, I will talk to you about how I can help you and let you make your own choice if I am the right life coach in San Diego for you. I don’t want my clients having buyers remorse and




If you are 100% committed and put in the work just as I will if after 4 weeks of our 12 week program you are not satisfied with me or where this is all going I  will refund your money.  

What You Should Know About Our Life Coach San Diego

We create a program that is customized for you, we meet over the phone or via Zoom calls for 12 weeks. While I am warm and supportive, I also have been known to kick my clients in the rear to get them out of their comfort zone. It’s not always comfortable but you will bloom!  

In addition to private sessions, we work around your schedule, we are flexible.

Start Today!

I want to offer you a free gift. Bring one of your most pressing issues and we will solve it together, at no cost to you. You can experience coaching in action. There is no risk, pressure, or obligation to become a client. This is simply the chance to see if I am the right life coach in San Diego for you to work with! If I am the right fit, then we can proceed if you want and if not then

you leave the call with one less problem to worry about. Sound good? Click the button below and let’s chat!

I am a life coach that serves residents in San Diego and the surrounding area by Zoom and phone, in addition to our once a week meeting you also receive unlimited access to me via email. At this time, I do not offer in person sessions. San Diego is the birthplace of California located right on the Mexico border. Military and tourism are its main sources of revenue. Go Padres! I also serve Ocean Side and Escondido.

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