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90 Days To More Self Confidence With Coach Paula

  • Do you want to create unshakable confidence?

  • Do you ask yourself “Am I enough?”

  • Do you have low self esteem that is preventing you from living life on your terms?

  • Do you wish those negative voices in your head would just shut up?

  • Do you want to stop worrying about what your spouse, children, coworkers, think about you?

  • Are your limited beliefs holding you back from reaching your goals?

If any of these things sound familiar, then you have come to the right place.


Hello, I am Paula Trotter a certified self-confidence coach I am glad you have found the courage to take the first step towards a journey that will transform the way you see, think, and feel about yourself. The first thing you need to understand is that struggling with low self confidence is not your fault, you are not broken or damaged goods.


Most of the clients I have worked with as a self confidence coach have backgrounds where they have experienced childhood trauma, and other life circumstances that have made you lose their true identity. They no longer know who they are outside of titles like parent, spouse, or outside the world that’s ripping them apart. This can be a daunting, dark, and scary place to live in.

But don’t lose heart, while we can’t rewind the hands of time or the experiences that have gotten you off track as a self-confidence coach, I am here to help you learn to love yourself flaws and all. The program that I offer is a 90-day journey unlike other programs this is not a temporary band-aid but a lasting solution.


In fact, I am so confident in the results this program offers and its ability to alter the direction of your life that I offer a risk free, money back guarantee. If after just 30 days of walking with me, your self confident coach and putting in the work so you can reap the results you don’t feel confident in continuing I will refund your money. The reason I can offer this risk-free guarantee is there is no other self-confidence coach course like it. I’ve tested and tried this course on dozens of men and women who have walked through some horrifying experiences and its continued to provide rock solid results.

Listen to our clients experiences working our self-confidence coach program

Three Secrets Other Life Coaches In Utah Won’t Tell You


“Paula took me on a 90-day journey where she helped me to completely rebuild myself. My confidence went from an all-time low to unstoppable, I felt like I was floating on a pink cloud. I highly recommend Paula as a self confidence life coach”


Working with Paula my journey back to the confident college girl from decades ago took me days, my only regret is not finding a self confidence coach sooner! My passion and energy are rejuvenated, and I can look in the mirror again.

woman happy after life coaching_edited_edited.jpg


What makes Paula the idea self confidence coach is that not only does she deliver results in 90 days but when things go wrong and pitfalls occur, I know how to avoid taking a wrong turn. I never want to go back into the bottomless pit of negative destructive thinking that led me to feel so awful, worthless, and uniquely flawed.

Paula helped me to reprogram my mind into a perfectly functioning powerful machine. My confidence, growth and success are so different then they were before I reached out to work with Paula. I have confidence, growth, and success!


What makes Paula the idea self confidence coach is that not only does she deliver results in 90 days but when things go wrong and pitfalls occur, I know how to avoid taking a wrong turn. I never want to go back into the bottomless pit of negative destructive thinking that led me to feel so awful, worthless, and uniquely flawed.

What Makes This Self Confidence Coach Course Work?  

Most program offer plenty of feel-good techniques and tricks, but my program is designed to bring about changes that last. How? First, I design this program for you. I meet with you one on one for a total of 12 weeks either by Zoom or phone. This is a safe place; no judgement is passed and you’re not going to share anything with me that I haven’t heard from my previous clients or experienced in my own personal journey that led me to become a self-confidence coach.

Next, we use building blocks that give you what you need in the order that you need to receive them in. While you want to feel better instantly, and we wish it worked this way if we just get to the fluff without the work then I risk you feeling better only to fall right back into the same traps that I guided you out of. The core foundation to sustaining change is to unleash the self confidence that you had back before life shook you up. While I am not a therapist or a counselor that focuses on the past, we have to discover what bent your brain towards the negative or as they say what makes you see the glass half empty instead of half full.

All of us including YOU were born with confidence and despite where you are right now, confidence is your default state but to maintain it is a lifelong process. Most self-confidence coaches try to fix you but here is the truth, inside of you is all you need to live the life you want I simply need to help you unlearn all the bad programming, stinking thinking, and tapes of life that play inside your mind.

As a grandmother I think of how a child enters this world and reaches all these impactive milestone quickly. They go from not even being able to hold their head to a year later walking around creating a mess. They don’t compare themselves against other babies’ their age or ask, “Am I good enough?” they naturally learn things and when they fall trying to learn to walk, they get right back up and try again.

Any lack of self-confidence you have has been taught to you along the journey of life. We are shaped by what our parents, teachers, friends, and society think of us. Listen to their tapes long enough and you start to believe it too. Think of how many times you have heard a song, even one you don’t particular care for played over and over again on the radio, what happens? Soon you know every word and walk around humming it under your breath. But what if what your parents, peers, and society say, and think about you stopped mattering?

As a self-confidence coach my role is to help you get back in the driver seat of your life and take 100% control over what you think and feel about yourself! We not only remove the stinking thinking patterns that have occurred along the way, but we replace them with truths that will propel you forward. Then I will teach you how to have a toolbox of techniques and strategies that will help you deal with any obstacles or roadblock when they creep up, which they inevitable will.

The clients that have the most success with this program must keep an open mind as what I teach goes against the tide, this means my method and strategies are not the “normal” strategies that the vast majority of self help “gurus” and therapist teach. However, your current thinking is what has gotten you into asking yourself “Am I good enough” therefore it will take different thinking to produce different results.  

The second thing is to believe in yourself, many people will read this and not take the next step because they think a self confidence coach will work for everyone except for them. You aren’t that unique! This doesn’t mean I don’t empathize with you or your current situation but quiet the opposite. You deserve the chance to live the life you were made to live, the one you want. Allow yourself to dwell on the real possibility for your life. Give yourself a break, a chance and take our 90-day challenge.

Scheduling a Free 30-Minute Self Confidence Coaching Call

Now is your chance to move towards action, I have waived my normal $250 fee and for a limited time I am offering to show you a glimpse of my program This is not a sales call, there is no obligation or risk its simply two people getting to know each other to determine if we are a match. If we are I will discuss the possibility of moving forward and if we are not then we will part as friends who have shared a few laughs. Let’s get to unleashing the real you.

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