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1:1 Private Recovering Coach

Your recovery must come first so that everything you love in life does not come last.

Hello, I am Paula Trotter a recover coach. You have taken the first step to changing the rest of your life. You have admitted you have a problem, at least enough to seek out this page. I am glad you are here! 

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What Is A Recovery Coach? 

A recovery coach and a life coach are not all that different. As a recovery coach my role is to help women and men make positive changes in every area of their life including their recovery journey. I am not a sponsor but an ally and confidant who acts as a sounding board and a voice of reason who can offer suggestions that will help you to overcome hurts, habits, and hang-ups that are preventing you from living the life you desire. I am not allied with any organization but can help to guide you to the right recovery group and assist with your long-term recovery to remain free. Here are some of the things you can gain from working with a recovery coach.


  • Triggers & Fears

  • Clutter & Disorganization

  • Helping Create Healthy Relationships

  • Financial Insecurities

  • Personal & Professional Challenges

  • Guidance & Direction

  • Restoring Purpose & Joy

  • Regaining Self Confidence


As a recovery coach we deal with other addictions not just substance abuse. Some of these issues range from eating disorder to hoarding, gambling, anger, grief, loss, and depression.

Recovery Coach Course- Finding Hope & Healing

 There is no cookie cutter solution, we don’t flip over a box, read a recipe, and in an hour, you get the life you’ve been looking for. We are far too complex for that. Instead, I create a recovery coach course that is as unique as each of my clients are. While person A may have the same addiction as person B their life and situations are unique. My aim during our weekly scheduled session is to change poor patterns into healthier habits.

Our 90-day program is about progress not perfection and require intensive work. You did not develop a habit overnight but if you put in the work life can change quickly. As we work together, we drill down to the root of the problem past the cavity so that whatever lead you to where you are we can release its grip on your life and reclaim your power.  

If you will devote the same energy, time, and attention into healthy habits as you did toxic ones, you will succeed. The clients that benefit the greatest from working with a recovery coach are open to change, truth seekers who are ready to be responsible for their life and have an honest desire to do whatever it takes to move away from where they are now to where they want to be. Ultimately it requires you to be a willing partner and to want change, if not then I nor any other recovery coach can help you! I truly hope that you are ready as it would be a pleasure to help you meet your goals in life and create a vision and action plan for you that will change your life.

If you are interested in learning more about working together, I ask you to schedule a free discovery call. This will give us an opportunity to get to know about each other to determine if we are a match. Each addiction coach is different and I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but for those who are a match you have my personal guarantee that if after 4 weeks of working together, committing 100% to this program , you do not see progress then I offer a risk free money back guarantee. 

This call is not a sales call, there is no hassle or obligation. I will simply be honest about your situation, the things you will need to do it improve it and rather or not I feel I can be a partner along your road of recovery.

If I am not the right match then we share a few laughs, maybe even a few tears and I will wish you the best. My space is limited so please don’t put this off one day longer than you already have. I look forward to meeting you but first you must act!

To take the first step…

  1. Click the button

  2. Fill out an easy application

  3. Schedule your free Discovery Session


All my best for your best,


Paula Trotter

Certified Recovery Coach

Your First 1:1 Addiction Coach Session Is Free

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