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How Much Does A Life Coach Cost?

One of the biggest barriers to hiring a life coach is the looming fear of how much will a life coach cost. What they are really wanting to know is can they afford it. The answer is yes however one thing to keep in mind is unlike counseling or therapy where your carrier may pitch in to pick up the tab, life coaching is not covered by insurance so a client will need to pay out of pocket making the cost of a life coach a very real concern. But I have some great news there is more than just one type of pricing model and as with any other business, some coaches charge more than others so before you start your quest to find someone let’s first look at how to find a price model that best fits your needs and budget and why some coaches charge more than other.

Okay so we have a lot of ground to cover so let’s jump in and get started. Before we do here are the three pricing models that most life coaches within the San Antonio area have in place:

· Hourly Fees

· Monthly

· Package Pricing

Hourly Rate For A Life Coach

Like many wellness pros from personal trainers and nutritionist to health advocates and life coaches a high percentage of the life coaches you will find in San Antonio will charge for their services by the hour which allows you to go at the pace that your allotted budget allows. On average you can expect to pay between $99 and $250.00 however we have seen people charge upwards of $1000.00 because this industry is largely unregulated and allows the coach to charge at the rate, they prefer based upon certain determining factors which we will discuss a little later.

Monthly Packages

On average to get results, the kind that are truly life changing it takes at least six weeks. We have seen that this is when most of our clients want to quit and give up. People are resistant to changes which is why you may have had the same New Years resolution year after year.

Actually, the tough the habit the longer it takes in fact according to a study done from the Journal of Social Psychology it takes 28 days to 254 days for new habits to be formed. This is why I personally feel that the hourly and monthly prices for a life coach may stall your growth and why I personally charge based on

Life Coaching Package Pricing

Since many people will want to quit right before experiencing their breakthrough, I work off a 12-week package price so that my clients experience the full benefit plus when you compare these rates to hourly or monthly pricing you will see it’s a true savings. In my package I charge my clients for one weekly meeting or twelve one-hour private sessions and then I remain accessible via email and phone from day one to day to day 84. Now some of my clients may decode after this to continue to do regular maintenance checks so they can be held accountable and not veer off course once the sessions are finished and this is charged differently than the package price and falls into the hourly price range. While I am not the most affordable life coach you will find I am also not the most expensive but still if you don’t understand the reason to hire a life coach it can seem expensive so let’s discuss

What’s The Cost Of Not Hiring A Life Coach

If you desire to change certain habits, though processes, or hang up so you can live a rich and fulfilling life then what it cost to hire a life coach is well worth every penny. Some of the ways I help my clients is by:

  • Improving their relationship, career, and health

  • Allowing them to find mental focus and clarity to turn their life around

  • Helping them achieve unmet goals and dreams

  • Help them find peace, security, serenity and lasting joy in the middle or chaos and life storms

  • Rebuild or reimage their life after loss, grief, or unwelcomed change

  • Reignite their passion and purpose

  • Exchange bad habits for healthy habits

And the list can go on and on, so let me ask you this “what is it costing you to stay stuck right where you are and not hire a life coach?” If its costing you more then you’re willing to pay in terms of unhappiness, disorder, grief, and a lack of fulfillment then its time to make the very best investment that anyone can make by investing a life coach.

If you would like to know exactly how much a life coach cost then contact me and lets schedule a time to talk so I can get to know you and you can see if its worth the value that I bring to hire me to help.

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