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Make Joy, Peace, and Success Your New way of Life!

Turn your chronic stress into your biggest success! 

Let us help you Eliminate your Stress and get Clarity on your next step in life

to help you find Peace, Joy, and Success! 

Let us help you reach your limitless potential today!

We will shut out the noise, and learn new tools and strategies that can help you take your business and life to the next level.

Healthy Living Life Coaching LLC specializes in eliminating chronic stress, gaining energy, weight loss, or kicking the sugar cravings, all without selling you products or supplements. We provide customized coaching based on cutting-edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, intuitive listening, and habit change. Together we will cultivate healthy habits that fit your lifestyle and will last a lifetime.

Helping you tap into your creative talent and hidden intellect. We have a passion for growth and believe in helping and empowering others in their quest to master success in all areas of life.

Together we can create success, increase performance, bring harmony, and better relationships.

All my best,


Paula Trotter - CPLC

Founder of Healthy Living Life Coaching

What Our Client Say About Hiring Us As Their Life Coach


Paula always listened during our weekly sessions while providing appropriate responses that encouraged me to find my own conclusion to any question or issue. Her strength is that she teaches you to use the tools and doesn't spoon feed! That is a difficult task for many people to master. She is a "natural".  ~AB


Over the twelve-week course, I experienced many "aaha" and take-away moments that I never considered previously. Paula has an amazing ability to empathize while providing the necessary tools and encouragement which allows her clients to seek their own way. ~ Alice 

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As I navigate new milestones in my life, Paula has been invaluable as my sounding board and cheerleader. She is someone I can share my values, worries, and aspirations with, and in turn, feel motivated and inspired to forge a path that is meaningful and purposeful to me. Thoughtful in her feedback and a great listener, ” Melissa




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Online Coaching Course
Want life coaching without the coach?
You can enjoy the benefits of life coaching with our online coaching program or with your very own workbook. Do it on your own time and your own pace. 

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Call Today!

Because I am very serious about results of the clients who hire me as a life coach I only work with an elite few people every 12 weeks, if you're willing to make a change, push through the obstacles and change your current circumstances then


Spaces fill up quickly, if my spaces are full I will add you to the waiting list. 

Thanks for submitting!


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